Paint build-up on: Paint Booth Equipment, Fixtures, Grids, E-coat Equipment and Carriers, contributes to Expensive cleaning procedures, safety hazards and potential quality defects. Current clean-up procedures use expensive and environmentally unfriendly chemicals/solvents/burn off and/or dangerous high-pressure water jets.

Paint Release Coating

Significant reduction in cleaning costs: Components / Grids can be cleaned without removal by using standard low pressure systems (120bar )

Improved environmental impact: No burn off, reduction in solvent usage.

No grid / component damage: Distorted / welds broken grids eliminated.

Lower operating cost:
Quicker and easier

Improved safety during cleanup:
Eliminates need for ultrahigh pressure water systems.

Less cleaning frequency: Certain amounts of paint residue will self release, reducing the amount of paint build up.
Safety for operators: Grids will not stick to the sprayers boots.


Paint booth grids -

JCB Paint Spray Booth

Less Cleaning Frequency




Paint Booth Fan

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